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United Kingdom
Hi, I'm Kila - cosplayer, writer, bookworm.
Mostly what you'll see on here is cosplay, whether of me or my friends.
I cosplay from various things from anime and manga to video games, films and books. I try to make most things myself but am mostly self-taught as regards to sewing.
Feel free to leave a comment!

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Touken Ranbu: Rally The Troops by InfinitexJester
Touken Ranbu: Rally The Troops
I've been pretty quiet on here - I tend to use my fb cospage more these days but I'll make a bit more of an effort in future to keep this page more updated too!  Life gets busy sometimes and it's easy to forget things.  
Have a photo from the recent October Expo, where I cosplayed my favourite sword boy from Touken Ranbu!  (and all the thanks to my Kogitsune for lending me the sword for the photo, as life has just been too hectic the past few months with moving house for me to make my own!).  Yasu was a lot of fun to wear and I hope to remake parts of him in the future.

Yamatonokami Yasusauda: :iconinfinitexjester:

Photographer: ReinxRenio
Code Geass: Take My Call by InfinitexJester
Code Geass: Take My Call
I think I've had this costume for about... 3 or so years now but I finally got around to wearing it with a lovely Code Geass group at Kitacon.  Rolo is not a character who is perhaps the most popular in the series but I adored his character arc (plus, I have a big of a weakness for over-possessive siblings).
*I ran out of time before the convention to make extra props sadly so my phone is not series-accurate sadly!)

Rolo Lamperouge: :iconinfinitexjester:
Zero: :iconnesabi:

Adekan: Sweet Alice by InfinitexJester
Adekan: Sweet Alice
Apologies for the radio silence on here lately - I've had photos to upload but just been so busy with life stuff in general, I haven't gotten around to it!  I was recently at Kitacon however and got to debut my new costume there with my friend.  These were very much a labour of love and meant many, many hours of sewing - I fell in love with the designs from Adekan and my friend and I really wanted to cosplay one of the "trap" variants together.  It was quite a challenge, testing my skills in areas I'm really not too familiar with but I'm pretty happy with the end result!  Definitely hoping to do more Adekan costumes in the future!

Shiro Yoshiwara: :iconinfinitexjester:
Anri Yoshiwara:
I apparently haven't uploaded a journal on here since way back last year and figured it was really time to change that!  I've been pretty quiet on Deviantart I know - I tend to use my FB cosplay page more nowadays but I still like to use this site for gallery purposes.  I've also recently got a job which has taken a lot of my time up so I've not had much free time to sort out on here or costume-making in general.
I definitely haven't stopped though and am in the process of getting ready for this years conventions starting off with Amechibi in Nottingham this coming weekend!  I'll only be there for the Saturday and Sunday but looking forward to chilling with friends.  My costume plans will be:

Saturday: Jack Vessalius (Pandora Hearts) with my Lacie <3
Sunday: Nitori Aiichirou (Free!) with my Momo.  First time debuting him so I'm really looking forward to it!

After that there'll be a break until the summer when Kitacon will be happening.  I'm not making too many new costumes for that due to time factors but the ones I am doing are bigger projects I'm really going to be putting a lot of effort into.  Plans are still somewhat subject to change currently but I doubt they'll be changing much at this point.  Precon is also undecided though there is a possibility of a Brother's Conflict group.
Friday: Xerxes Break (Pandora Hearts) with my Sharon and a group
Saturday: Shiro (Adekan - blue 'Alice' dress variant) with my Anri, Paife Cosplay
Sunday: Rolo Lamperouge (Code Geass) with an amazing, massive group!
Evening costumes are being kept simple for relaxing but I'll most likely bring along Rei (Free!) and Seo (Gekkan Shoujo Yuzuki Kun).
Ball: Currently either Slaine Troyard (Aldnoah.Zero) or Yona (Akatsuki no Yona)

Other conventions aren't really yet set in stone but I'm hoping to squeeze in some more in the latter part of the year.  Otherwise I also hope to start working on some bigger costume projects which I've been putting off for a while now - trying not to set deadlines for those so I can make them look as stunning as possible.  Not completely decided on which these ones will be as of yet but most likely will involve some 'Tales of', Love Live!, Madoka, Dangan Ronpa and Sailor Moon.
  • Listening to: Show by Rock!!
  • Reading: Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse
  • Watching: The Walking Dead
  • Playing: Odin Sphere
  • Drinking: Tea

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LeinaIsDreaming Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
"Infinitexjester" ? I knew that name was familiar to me ! I remember I have read some of your Pandora Hearts fanfics and I really appreciate them ! *o*

*Go go go check the gallery*
InfinitexJester Featured By Owner May 28, 2015
Aww, thank you! I haven't written much fanfiction for a while now but it's nice to know some people still read them!
LeinaIsDreaming Featured By Owner May 30, 2015
I continue to read them! I particularly like the one with Leo who went sleeping in his master's bed. ^^ (I remember I haven't been able to post reviews on, due to my old computer, that has got some serious bugs... <<' )
Queen-Fandom Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I  have yet a few more questions. 
1) Do you plan on going to Sac anime? (Do you live to far away to go?)
2) How did you get the rune on. Did you pint them, use marker, orr?
InfinitexJester Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015
Urmm I actually live in the United Kingdom and have no idea where Sac con is so likely not!  I'm assuming that's in America or something?
And actually the runes were kinda a pain in the butt as they'd need re-applied every so often.  Our Jace did have the proper runes to apply that I think you can order offline (basically like stick on false tattoos) but we just painted ours on with acrylic paint and then once dry sprayed on some hair spray just to set it.  They can last a while if you don't brush them against stuff but id definitely easier if someone else paints them on for you!
Queen-Fandom Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the information!! 
MrJechgo Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015
Happy B-Day ^_^
InfinitexJester Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015
Thank you!
gentleEvan Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015
Great cos play.
InfinitexJester Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015
Thank you very much!
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